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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Road Trip - Day 5

After sleeping in late, we packed up the lair and headed out.

Mom had to get a last snap.

I got to get my last smell in as we were leaving Monte-Ray.

We stopped to take one last look and say good-bye.
Mom had us stop so I could look at and smell these big, awfully smelly things! They didn't really impress me.

Then I settled in to the long drive home. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............

THE COUNT! (and his people)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Road Trip - Day 4

Mom & Dad went to a place called "brunch." Doggies were not allowed, so I rested in the Monte Mobile. When they came to get me, they were pretty happy, but tired at the same time. So we went back to the new lair and rested for awhile. This was the first time I was allowed on the hooman bed with my pawrents. They spoiled me. 

 Then we went for another walk. Mom got a cool snap of my paw print.

There were no other doggies to play with, so Dad and I ran on the beach together. He couldn't keep up with me. 

When it got dark outside, we went to watch a bright parade. There were no other furries for me to play with, so I got bored quickly. I let out a few complaints, so dad had to take me for short walks away from the crowds to settle me down. 

Meanwhile, back home...
Cinder kitty was being spoiled by mom's friend.

To be continued...

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my fur buddies!
I hope the big guy in the red suit brought you all  your favorite treats.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Road Trip - Day 3

After eating yummies in our new lair... We all went for a walk. Mom was excited to see how I would like this thing called "Sand" and "Ocean". She did not know if I had ever played in it. She said the day could not have been more boo-T-full! 

Dad and I checked out the surroundings. I liked all the new smells.

Finally I got to run loose. I loved how the sand felt between my toes, and wanted to just run and run. I didn't like the wet sand as much.

 Some hoomans told Mom and Dad to take me to another beach in Kar-Mel. They said at sunset a lot of other doggies come to play. So we headed to the other place and it was just like they said. Lots and lots of doggies. I just ran from dog to dog looking for a friend who would run with me. 

I met this handsome guy. We checked each other out...

Then the play was on. We ran, chased, jumped. He kept up with me and all of our hoomans were amazed at our play techniques.

After a full day of play, I snoozed in front of the warm box with my bone.
To be continued...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Road Trip - Part 2

When I woke the next morning, I was a bit confused on where I was and why my bed was so big. As soon as I saw mom & dad I was ok. Mom said we were going to a place called Monte-ray. Wow, named after ME! She explained that her and dad go there every year right after the big food day. And if I was a good doggie on this trip, I would be able to keep going with them. This sounds like fun!

We got into the Monte Mobile again and soon I was sniffing all kinds of new smells.

After a long nap, we got to where we were going. Mom and dad let me out to do my business and I got to meet a new little pup friend. She was unsure of the big doggie, but quickly was ready to play. I was more interested in all the new smells, including my new friend. 

When we got to the lair that we were going to stay in, I found a treat left for me and my hoomans. Mom & dad stay here all the time. They really like how the workers take care of the lair, and all their hooman guests. They said my late-sissy, Sasha, stayed here a couple times with them. They highly reccomend the Best Western Victorian Inn to stay at in Monterey. Mom said we all had to wait until later to partake and enjoy.

We went for a long walk. Mom kept disappearing into different rooms, while dad stayed behind to greet my fans. I was too busy watching for mom to greet everyone.

Mom and dad wanted to stand in front of a shiny tree, but I was more interested in all the interesting sights and smells. 

Then a really funny smell got my attention. Another animal... I had to investigate!
When what to my wondering eyes should appear, 
but a really big reindeer!

After a long day and busy night, I was ready to rest on my own bed and look oh so handsome in front of the fire while mom and dad watched the big moving box. 

to be continued...

Monday, December 16, 2013

Rest in Peace Sweet Kasha

We are interrupting our Road Trip posts to share the sad news of the passing of Kasha the Dane. Mom met Kasha's mom through the blog world and they walked through the end of my late-sissy, Sasha's life together. Miss Kasha was about a year behind Sasha in age and they had a lot of the same issues. Mom's eyes have been leaking since she heard about Miss Kasha going to Rainbow Bridge today. 

Good Bye Miss Kasha - We will see you on the other side of the bridge.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Crazy Doggy Day

Mom is behind on her Monte updates. A couple weeks ago, we all woke up together and took a long walk. I got to play with another new friend for awhile. Then mom explained that she had a very busy day planned, so she had arranged for me to take a special trip in my own Limo to Redlands Rover Ranch.

When I got there, I was so excited to see so many friends to play with.I spent five hours with all my friends and played the entire time. Mom's friend Sue, tried to get me to take a nap, but NO WAY! I wanted to take advantage of this special time.

The limo took me home and I got to meet some more of mom's family, then I fell asleep for a little while. After the family left, Mom and Dad woke me up and said we were going on another trip, for a few days this time. So I climbed into the Monte Mobile and fell right to sleep. 

When I woke up, Mom said we were at a dog-friendly hotel, in a place called Ven-choo-ra. I didn't know where that was, but I was rather excited to get my own bed to sleep in. I didn't move all night.
I'm liking this adventure so far!

To be continued...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Face is in a Book?

Mom says that I am now on Facebook... but I don't know what that means. She needs to show me the book.

Visit me here... Monte Cristo - The Great Dane.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day Trippin'

Mom & Dad came home from their Sunday morning trip and loaded Cinder and me up in the car. They said we were going on a "test" trip. I didn't care what kind of trip... as long as I get to go with them.
I settled in pretty quick. Cinderella was eager to see where we were going. Mom told me to be a good big brother and keep an eye on her. I have gone for a ride with her before, when she went and got her very sharp nails trimmed. I got to watch them torture her. She was not too happy about that afterwards.

This trip was a bit longer and there were a lot of turns. Cinder kitty let out a couple little meows, but mom said that was probably her little ears popping as we were climbing high. Other than that, she was a good little sister (actually, she is older than me). 

When we got to the top of the high place, Dad took me out to sniff around. Even though it was pretty chilly, mom thought Cinder would like some fresh air too. So they got out and sat and waited for us, until mom got too cold. 

Dad and I came back, and mom took a picture of us, with the pretty water behind. She said it was called Big Bear Lake... But I never saw any big bears.

On the way home, mom let Cinder out of her cage. Cinder wandered around the Monte Mobile near mom for a little bit, then ran back into her cage. She told me she felt safer there and mom said that was just fine.

Mom said we did really well on our "test" trip. She explained to us that next month, we are all going to go on a trip to see Grammy and Grampy and she wanted to make sure we would be ok on on a long, windy, hilly drive. Cinder and me both agree that if it means we get to stay with mom & dad, we will go anywhere with them. 

The Count!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Yummiest Treats!

 I got a box this week. A box for ME!

It even had my name on the address. All for me? From Chewy.com.

Daddy helped me open it.
(**disclaimer** Just before we opened the box, I was reprimanded for paying too much attention to Cinderella sister, so I was being a bit pouty and not participating as I usually would)

It looked interesting, but I had to smell it first.

Of course, the obligatory pose... "My name is Monte Cristo and I love Chewy.com treats" blah, blah, blah...just let me have one already will you?

They look like dad's favorite little sweet squares (called chalk o light)

Now mom said she has to admit, her and dad are NOT healthy eaters. She loves starch, fat and salt and dad says the sweeter the better. But since I have sensitive skin, Mom is being more selective about my diet. Since putting me on Gluten-Free, I have stopped the crazy itching and my red tummy went away. So she is always on the look out for safe treats for me. These Wellness WellBites fit the bill with all natural ingredients and thinks they are perfect Kong treats.

The perfect meaty snack for your pooch! Wellness WellBites Lamb and Salmon Recipe Treats are soft, chewy bites worth begging for. They're made using only natural ingredients like lamb, salmon, sweet potatoes, apples and flaxseed; just as nutritious as delicious! Different types of protein maximize nutrient absorption, and whole grains give needed energy for a fun day of Frisbee. Whoever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks never tried holding out a chewy WellBite!

Thank you Chewy.com for letting us sample these yummy treats. I will make sure Mom shares the treasures with me and OFTEN!


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

Scary Eye

Last week while dad and me were playing in the yard, my eye started to hurt. No matter how much I pawed at it, nothing helped. The next morning mom was real worried because I could hardly open it.

So she called a new furry doktor and we went right in. 
There sure were a lot of smells. I was excited at first, until they tried to put something in my bum. I did not like that at all, and sat right away. Nothing is EVER going there. The lady that I THOUGHT was nice, finally gave up. Another hooman came in and tried to look at my face, but I was having none of it. So they had to take me to the back and give me a little pinch, then I felt a little woozy.

Finally they brought me back out to mom. This is what they found in my eye:
Mom said something about furries from purple fountain grass. I had another furry in my eye?

My eye looked ready for Halloweeny

When we left, the hooman had to help me into the Monte Mobile and then I was a bit woozy when we got home too. Things were sort of shifting under my paws...

I feel a lot better now. The next day, Mom and Dad had an all-day meeting, so I got to go to my new friends house (Aunt Gina and Uncle Mike). I played with little Ashley most of the day. When it got dark, Aunt Gina let me lay on the couch and her bed. Mom and Dad never allow that. I think that is what helped make my eye all better. 


Sunday, October 20, 2013

What The Heck...?

The day after mom and dad said good-bye to Lancelot, they went away for a weekend. During that weekend they met some new friends that also loved doggies and just happened to also have a Great Dane. They new it was a Divine meeting and they have all become very close friends since. The new friends have 3 dogs and 2 funny looking creatures with no fur. One of them weighs almost as much as me. 
Introducing Spike and Sherman

Spike doesn't seem to want to chase me.

Hey dude, where are your ears?
I finally had to taste him to see what he was.

I can outrun my three new friends (Emily the Dane, Boomer the Rottweiler and Ashley the lab mix). Boomer likes to wrestle with me. I have so much fun with him. Emily just likes to bark at us. Ashley likes to chase me, my favorite.

Emily and her mamma Gina.

Gina & Mike are like angels to my mom & Dad. They came into their life when they needed them the most, and let their furries help soften their recent loss. Then they prayed with mom & dad for their new doggie and then I came along. Lucky me!