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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day Trippin'

Mom & Dad came home from their Sunday morning trip and loaded Cinder and me up in the car. They said we were going on a "test" trip. I didn't care what kind of trip... as long as I get to go with them.
I settled in pretty quick. Cinderella was eager to see where we were going. Mom told me to be a good big brother and keep an eye on her. I have gone for a ride with her before, when she went and got her very sharp nails trimmed. I got to watch them torture her. She was not too happy about that afterwards.

This trip was a bit longer and there were a lot of turns. Cinder kitty let out a couple little meows, but mom said that was probably her little ears popping as we were climbing high. Other than that, she was a good little sister (actually, she is older than me). 

When we got to the top of the high place, Dad took me out to sniff around. Even though it was pretty chilly, mom thought Cinder would like some fresh air too. So they got out and sat and waited for us, until mom got too cold. 

Dad and I came back, and mom took a picture of us, with the pretty water behind. She said it was called Big Bear Lake... But I never saw any big bears.

On the way home, mom let Cinder out of her cage. Cinder wandered around the Monte Mobile near mom for a little bit, then ran back into her cage. She told me she felt safer there and mom said that was just fine.

Mom said we did really well on our "test" trip. She explained to us that next month, we are all going to go on a trip to see Grammy and Grampy and she wanted to make sure we would be ok on on a long, windy, hilly drive. Cinder and me both agree that if it means we get to stay with mom & dad, we will go anywhere with them. 

The Count!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Yummiest Treats!

 I got a box this week. A box for ME!

It even had my name on the address. All for me? From Chewy.com.

Daddy helped me open it.
(**disclaimer** Just before we opened the box, I was reprimanded for paying too much attention to Cinderella sister, so I was being a bit pouty and not participating as I usually would)

It looked interesting, but I had to smell it first.

Of course, the obligatory pose... "My name is Monte Cristo and I love Chewy.com treats" blah, blah, blah...just let me have one already will you?

They look like dad's favorite little sweet squares (called chalk o light)

Now mom said she has to admit, her and dad are NOT healthy eaters. She loves starch, fat and salt and dad says the sweeter the better. But since I have sensitive skin, Mom is being more selective about my diet. Since putting me on Gluten-Free, I have stopped the crazy itching and my red tummy went away. So she is always on the look out for safe treats for me. These Wellness WellBites fit the bill with all natural ingredients and thinks they are perfect Kong treats.

The perfect meaty snack for your pooch! Wellness WellBites Lamb and Salmon Recipe Treats are soft, chewy bites worth begging for. They're made using only natural ingredients like lamb, salmon, sweet potatoes, apples and flaxseed; just as nutritious as delicious! Different types of protein maximize nutrient absorption, and whole grains give needed energy for a fun day of Frisbee. Whoever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks never tried holding out a chewy WellBite!

Thank you Chewy.com for letting us sample these yummy treats. I will make sure Mom shares the treasures with me and OFTEN!