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Friday, August 30, 2013

Kitty Biz...

Sooo, Mom was pushing the loud thing around the living room and she got the brave idea of trying to fix dad's chair. She said she was sick and tired of it wobbling. She went and gathered dad's tools and got to work.

She pulled out a lot of little metal things that she said were very sharp and I had to stay away from. To make sure they did not move around or get lost and hurt a foot, she contained them inside the handle of this tool.

Then she had to leave to get another tool. When she came back, the silver things were all over. And GUESS WHO the culprit was? For once, it was NOT me! Cinder thought they were treats and was pulling them out and trying to bat around the rug. Mom shushed her away and told her to play with her own toys. But she came back and thought it was play time. Mom now had to fix the chair, while keeping a close eye on the Cinder. 

Mom tried to swat Cinder away with another tool, but she thought it was another toy and just started batting at it. Silly kitty!

So mom gave her the new toy and got back to work. Cinder continued to play while mom was trying to do serious business.

What was I doing the whole time?
Supervising of course!
Oh and mom proudly announced the chair is not as wobbly.


Note from Mom: I'll do anything to stall from cleaning floors :-)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sad but True...

As sad and hard as it was... I am so glad we have only had to make the decision to say good-bye to ill or old pets. Having to make the decision to let go of a pet due to aggression has not been something we have ever had to do. But sadly, it is a decision that some have had to make. This is a reminder to me to NEVER judge anyone based on that decision. Very well written words about it... The Burden of Euthanizing an Aggressive Dog

Interestingly, I was searching for a picture of an aggressive looking Dane to use for this post... and almost all the pictures were depicting them as most of them are... Gentle Giants. I'm not naive to believe that there is no such thing as an aggressive Great Dane, but it does look like it is rare. 

Blessed to own a Gentle Giant ~ 
The Count's Mom

Friday, August 23, 2013

And a Child Will Lead...

Today I took a little hooman for a walk. Mom said she was proud of both of us. He is 7-years old and behaved very well. I even taught him how to slow me down, show me which way to turn and not to pull. Mom said I did a very good job teaching him and maybe I can take him for a walk again.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Won't You Be My Friend?

BARK! Hi Everyone... Mom has been busy helping take care of another furry while her parents are out of town, so I haven't been able to get on here to keep you updated. But rest easy, I have not been neglected. Her and dad are still getting me plenty of exercise and attention.

I am making new friends everywhere I go. This week was full of new meetings. First we went to the dog park. Mom is still always on the alert, as she has seen and heard stories of other doggies not being very nice. So far, I have shown her that I back off and leave the scene when a scuffle starts, but she still wants to keep me safe, so she doesn't go sit down with the other parents. Her and dad stay near me, to help navigate in case I don't "hear" another dog telling me to back off (which happened once). During my last visit and this one, I made friends with some bulldogs. This time, we were playing just fine, but then another dog came right in and scooped him away and wouldn't let me play with him anymore. No worries, I just went back to sniffing around the park.

For the past couple months there have been some funny looking BIG birds visiting the neighbors. I saw them during our walk one morning. They got scared of me, and flew up on a roof. I wasn't sure what they were. This week we saw them again a little closer. They didn't seem to be afraid of me this time. I laid down very calmly and watched them as they came closer. But when I stood up again, they went the other way. Not sure what to think about those birds. Mom says they get real pretty sometimes, when they show off their feathers.

The other night, I got to meet a good friend of mom and dads and her furry, Fergie. Fergie was not too keen on me coming into her territory, so we went for a long walk together. In no time, she was walking right next to me and giving me little nose kisses. I just kept moving forward and she stayed right beside me the whole time. Then we went into her yard to visit. I tried to get her to run and play with me, but her mom said she doesn't know how to play with other furries. She just kept chasing a dumb ball. I would run up to her, and she would turn away. Then I would run, but she wouldn't follow. Mom said I need to give her some time to learn to play. 

So far, no one can play and keep up with me like my girlfriend, Scout. She runs and runs with me forever.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Oops... Caught!

I'm still learning the rules of the house. Well... learning and choosing which ones I want to obey.
Dad left the cushions down when he left this morning, so wouldnt any furry assume that is an invitation?
Mom had to tap me a couple times to wake me. She is still sure that I felt her tap the first time and pretended to still be asleep. I will NEVER tell!
Yes, I had to get down, and the Princess got to stay. Hmmmpphh!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Creating Smiles

Today I got to volunteer with Mom and Dad at an event to help little hoomans get back packs for school, while experiencing the love of Jesus.
I joined the team meeting and prayer and even got to be in the front row of the group picture when it was taken.  

Since I wasn't an official volunteer, I created my own title of Smile Creator. First I greeting the volunteers with mommy and made sure everyone had a smile with their name tag. Then I walked around with daddy and checked all the guests to make sure they had a smile.

 I even spread joy to the little furrys that joined the fun. 

I think I did the most work all morning. 

 Lots of little hoomans came to say hi, share their smile and
take pictures with me. 

I've decided I want to be a Firedog when I grow up...BARK!

Now I need some rest. It is hard work being so friendly.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Showing Off to my Girlfriend

I've created my own running track with lots of obsticles. Gotta show my girlfriend my agility.