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I am a Merlequin Great Dane and I live in Redlands, CA with my mom and dad. You can also follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreatDaneMonte

About Me... The Count

I was born sometime in 2011. My first mom and dad got me as a pup, named me Bear, and raised me to be a good doggie in Central California. I am partially deaf. In 2013, Mom and dad decided to not live together anymore. And for some reason, I couldn't live with them either. So my foster mom, Joanne, came and took me to live with her pack. She had already picked out my new mom and dad in Southern California, but wanted to make sure I was healthy for them. I guess they recently had too many losses of other furries and their hearts were hurting and they were afraid of getting another sick doggie. 

All my tests came out well, and I was good to go to my new home. Foster mom, Amanda, who is friends with my new parents, drove up to get me. It seems that she had adopted her own dog from Joanne too, and she wanted Joanne to see how good Zeke was doing and to meet her new hooman pup. I stayed with Amanda's pack for 3 days, then she took me to my forever parents. It was a perfect match. Even my new kitty sister liked me and I liked her too. Her name was Cinderella, so I had to have a magnificent name too. So I became Count Monte Cristo.

When my foster mom picked me up from my first mom, she was shown a few hand signals that I know (sit and down). So it was passed to my forever parents. They are now learning to help me understand them and I am a quick learner. But most importantly, I can hear their heart. Their hearts have told me I am loved, I am a good dog and I get to stay with them FOREVER. So when I write about them saying something, it is their heart that I hear.

I like everyone I meet, so I hope we become good friends. Keep visiting and leave me a note. 


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