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Monday, October 28, 2013

Scary Eye

Last week while dad and me were playing in the yard, my eye started to hurt. No matter how much I pawed at it, nothing helped. The next morning mom was real worried because I could hardly open it.

So she called a new furry doktor and we went right in. 
There sure were a lot of smells. I was excited at first, until they tried to put something in my bum. I did not like that at all, and sat right away. Nothing is EVER going there. The lady that I THOUGHT was nice, finally gave up. Another hooman came in and tried to look at my face, but I was having none of it. So they had to take me to the back and give me a little pinch, then I felt a little woozy.

Finally they brought me back out to mom. This is what they found in my eye:
Mom said something about furries from purple fountain grass. I had another furry in my eye?

My eye looked ready for Halloweeny

When we left, the hooman had to help me into the Monte Mobile and then I was a bit woozy when we got home too. Things were sort of shifting under my paws...

I feel a lot better now. The next day, Mom and Dad had an all-day meeting, so I got to go to my new friends house (Aunt Gina and Uncle Mike). I played with little Ashley most of the day. When it got dark, Aunt Gina let me lay on the couch and her bed. Mom and Dad never allow that. I think that is what helped make my eye all better. 



  1. Yuck. That sure was scary. Who knew snuffling in the grass could lead to that? Almost like it was attack grass.
    I have heard that when Mango required something in his bum, an extra person was required to hold his giant bottom aloft as he, too, tended to sit down.


    1. Mom thinks I will always have to be knocked out to get any type of care, as I am very suspicious of everything.

  2. Aww, glad you're feeling all better now!!

    1. Me too. Mom went out and wacked all the fuzzies that were at my eye level to keep me safe.