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I am a Merlequin Great Dane and I live in Redlands, CA with my mom and dad. You can also follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreatDaneMonte

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Toy

Look what mom got for me!

Yep, she said she saved all her green paper just to get me my own new ride. The Big Green Machine is on the way out. 

Well, she also admitted that her senior hooman clients will ride easier in this new machine too. But I will claim it as mine.

This morning mom took me in the new machine to see the people that made me sleepy before. They kept trying to play with my ears but I would have none of it. I even tried to crawl into Mom's lap to get away from them. So they told mom to just keep trying to sneak that wet stuff in my ears and make sure nothing gets worse. I am not sure I am going to like that.

The fun part of the visit was the friends I got to meet. This little guy was fun to sit with. I kept wanting to play, but mom said I had to behave since there wasn't a lot of space.

The Count!

Monday, July 29, 2013

New Family

No more words needed.

I Got My Own Blog!

BARK! I am so excited to meet you all. My name is Count Monte Cristo. Mommy likes royal names and that is how my name came about. Let me share a little bit about me:

I am 2 years old. I come from Mid-Coast area of California. My first mom and dad got me as a puppy. They were a military family. For some reason mom and dad decided to not stay together anymore and they could not keep me either. So my foster mom Joanne came and met me and took me home to stay with her and her family. Little did I know, that my forever mom and dad were already learning all about me. Mom Joanne was sending them lots of pictures of me, while she got me healthy and ready for them. After a couple weeks, foster mom Amanda drove up from Southern California and picked me up to take me to my new mom and dad. I stayed with her big family for a couple days. I sure made a lot of new friends. Then the day came for me to meet my new forever family. Everyone was so excited. I came in and my new dad walked me around the house. Then I got to meet Cinderella kitty in her safe house. Then my new dad took me out to the back of my new home and walked me around. 

This is the first picture mom got of us. She said we both looked very handsome and regal and I fit right into my new name.

Mom and dad were very cautious about me meeting Cinderella. They said I could stay forever, if we got along. So I was on my best behavior. When she came out of her safe house, I was awed by how pretty she was. I just watched her a lot. She would come over and sniff me, but I would just sit and watch her. Mom was so happy to see how good I was. Finally I leaned forward to give her a lick, she gave me a swipe across my nose and a new friendship was formed. We get along great. I love my kitty sister and she loves me.

Dad is just amazed at how tall I am. When I stand straight up I can look him straight in the eye!

I already have a girlfriend. Mom's best friend has a pup named Scout. She is a few months older than me. But we get along real good. So far she is the only one that can keep up with my puppy energy. We run and run, chase each other, show off for each other and play licky face. Scout is a lot of fun! 

Mom has a special business just for elderly hoomans. She helps them do the little chores that are hard to do when they get older. I have gone to work with her and also visited places where they live. I love everyone, all ages and all types of fur. Mom is so happy that I can go just about anywhere. 

Mom says my forever bark-day is June 5. It has not even been 2 months yet, but we already feel like a long time family. I am happy in my new home and mom and dad said I filled a big hole in their heart. I had big paw prints to follow, but I am making my own prints in their home and hearts. 

I look forward to making more friends in the new blog world.
BARK!  The Count!