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I am a Merlequin Great Dane and I live in Redlands, CA with my mom and dad. You can also follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreatDaneMonte

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

Scary Eye

Last week while dad and me were playing in the yard, my eye started to hurt. No matter how much I pawed at it, nothing helped. The next morning mom was real worried because I could hardly open it.

So she called a new furry doktor and we went right in. 
There sure were a lot of smells. I was excited at first, until they tried to put something in my bum. I did not like that at all, and sat right away. Nothing is EVER going there. The lady that I THOUGHT was nice, finally gave up. Another hooman came in and tried to look at my face, but I was having none of it. So they had to take me to the back and give me a little pinch, then I felt a little woozy.

Finally they brought me back out to mom. This is what they found in my eye:
Mom said something about furries from purple fountain grass. I had another furry in my eye?

My eye looked ready for Halloweeny

When we left, the hooman had to help me into the Monte Mobile and then I was a bit woozy when we got home too. Things were sort of shifting under my paws...

I feel a lot better now. The next day, Mom and Dad had an all-day meeting, so I got to go to my new friends house (Aunt Gina and Uncle Mike). I played with little Ashley most of the day. When it got dark, Aunt Gina let me lay on the couch and her bed. Mom and Dad never allow that. I think that is what helped make my eye all better. 


Sunday, October 20, 2013

What The Heck...?

The day after mom and dad said good-bye to Lancelot, they went away for a weekend. During that weekend they met some new friends that also loved doggies and just happened to also have a Great Dane. They new it was a Divine meeting and they have all become very close friends since. The new friends have 3 dogs and 2 funny looking creatures with no fur. One of them weighs almost as much as me. 
Introducing Spike and Sherman

Spike doesn't seem to want to chase me.

Hey dude, where are your ears?
I finally had to taste him to see what he was.

I can outrun my three new friends (Emily the Dane, Boomer the Rottweiler and Ashley the lab mix). Boomer likes to wrestle with me. I have so much fun with him. Emily just likes to bark at us. Ashley likes to chase me, my favorite.

Emily and her mamma Gina.

Gina & Mike are like angels to my mom & Dad. They came into their life when they needed them the most, and let their furries help soften their recent loss. Then they prayed with mom & dad for their new doggie and then I came along. Lucky me!


Friday, October 11, 2013

Dane Pups

Mom has never got to see a Dane pup before. All her fur babies have come to them full size. This movie made her eyes leak. We just had to share it. Watch Here...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Morning Routine

I'm a very energetic pup and I need a lot of exercise. I've heard people say that Great Danes are considered lazy dogs, but I have to set that straight. Mom or Dad take me for a walk every morning, except the day's they call a weekend. I still get confused about those days, as they seem to sit around in the morning for a real long time, when I am trying to get them to go for a walk. 

Some days mom gets out of bed a little later than normal, and I follow dad around waiting for our walk. But those days, he just keeps telling me I have to wait, and then he leaves without me. hmmpph! So then I go wake mommy by drinking some water and then giving her a big wet kiss. (Hey, it gets the job done!) She slowly gets up, and then goes and sits down and drinks out of her own water bowl and gives me head lovin' as it rests in her lap. After that, I get all excited thinking we are going for a walk. But nooooo.... she then goes into her special room and stares at a square and her fingers start moving like crazy. 

Ok, this is when I start to lose my sweet, patient self! Enough is Enough! So I start gently..

First the Invitation...
This at least gets mom's attention. Sometimes it is the only step I need. But when it is not...

Next comes the Demand...
This upsets my sister kitty, Cinderella. She does not like it when I yell and get excited. She is always trying to tell me to calm down and be quiet.
But a boy has gotta do what a boy has gotta do.

Finally, she gets it, goes and gets dressed (while I anxiously pace)... and the job is complete!

After we get home, I am just getting started. So mom and dad have both learned I need a little bit of extra time at that point...
Morning zoomies are required to get that last bit of exercise. This step takes less than 5 minutes. 

Then the final step of the process (turn up speakers loud for this one)...
This is an important step, as Mom say's I have to rest for awhile before I can have breakfast. 

Happy Content Doggie!