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Friday, June 13, 2014

Helping A Friend

Today I played Therapy Dog to another dog, my friend Emily. She got a sore on her paw and her mom, Aunt Gina, took her to the fur doctor yesterday to look at it. They said there is a foxtail inside and it got infected. She gets very nervous at the fur doctor office, like me. They tried to give her anti-nervous medicine, but after several hours, she was still too nervous, so Aunt Gina took her home. Today the fur-doctor was going to give her a stronger anti-nervous medicine to make her sleep. Since Aunt Gina was now nervous too, mom and I decided to go along, and help keep everyone calm. 
Em's paw boo boo. There is a little one on her other paw too.
 When we got there, mom and I walked around with Emily, so she could sniff and walk off some of her nervousness. 

  Even with me by her side, Emily started to worry about where her mom went. 

We went into the cool builiding to wait with Emily and her mom. Emily was doing pretty good, since I was there with her.
 She kept asking me "Why are we here? What is going on?" I told her to just be calm and everything would be ok. 

But she said "Pbbssssppp! I don't believe you!"

We found out there was another furry ahead up, having an emergency C-Section. Even though I don't know what that is... I got the feeling it was going to be a loooonnngg wait. So I settled down and relaxed.

How long do those things take?

After an hour and a half, Em was still being calm with me. Both mom's were very proud of me for helping and of her for staying calm. 

Finally it was Emily's turn. Aunt Gina took her to the back, and they gave her the medicine and said she would be asleep for awhile. Now all we have to do is wait. 

While we were there... Mom checked. Yep, I have finally gained 12 pounds!!!

The Count!

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