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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day of Spoiling

The day started out like any other ordinary day.  But I sensed something different in Mom's walk. She had a skip in her step. And kept saying... "Today is so beautiful!" Then out came the flashy...
"Um..." Mom said "Not quite what I was looking for" 

"Still not getting it"
"Quit playing and get serious!"
"That's it!" SNAP
 Then I started understanding. So I got into the "Model" mode.

Am I getting it mom?
 Mom wants everyone to see how beautiful the sky, trees and mountains were looking this day. This is what put the skip into her step.

Then I started to goof off, and mom said I earned it.

Back to work!
Good shot, Mom?
 Im not sure what this creature was trying to say to me, but it sure was weird looking.

Quit whispering in my ear, can't you see I am working?
After all that hard work, Mom let me loose and I got to run and sniff all over. Mom was in such a good mood. I love when she laughs and smiles.

Then it seemed like we were back to an ordinary day again. She was in the little room, doing her morning routine (AKA- making her face pretty), and I was out there giving her the sad face.
Mom, can't I come with you?
 Guess what... she said YES! Off to her "sometime" job of folding clothes. While we were there, the little boy that lives there came home. We played while mom worked.

 I tried to get mom to join us, but as you can see, she had a LOT of work to do.

But she did make some time to play with me, since she said I was being such a good boy.

From there I went with her on an errand. I helped her shop.

Then she let me sniff through the furrie store PetCo.

She told me the BEST was soon to come. We pulled up to a really yummy smelling place. She left me in the car, which confused me, cause I thought it was MY day. But she quickly came back and opened the back door with a big smile...
Mom, what is that in your hand? For me???

Yummm yummm...

I was very gentle to not break the cone. I licked it clean. Then mom had to lay it between my legs before I would eat the cone. 

Mom doesnt normally let me hang my head out the window. She said it is unsafe and something could hit me or get in my eye. But since it was a short ride home, she drove slowly and let me enjoy all the smells and sights. We drove right through the same place where our morning started.

After such an exciting, fun and yummy day, I was tuckered. Mom had to get one last flash.

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