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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Morning Routine

I'm a very energetic pup and I need a lot of exercise. I've heard people say that Great Danes are considered lazy dogs, but I have to set that straight. Mom or Dad take me for a walk every morning, except the day's they call a weekend. I still get confused about those days, as they seem to sit around in the morning for a real long time, when I am trying to get them to go for a walk. 

Some days mom gets out of bed a little later than normal, and I follow dad around waiting for our walk. But those days, he just keeps telling me I have to wait, and then he leaves without me. hmmpph! So then I go wake mommy by drinking some water and then giving her a big wet kiss. (Hey, it gets the job done!) She slowly gets up, and then goes and sits down and drinks out of her own water bowl and gives me head lovin' as it rests in her lap. After that, I get all excited thinking we are going for a walk. But nooooo.... she then goes into her special room and stares at a square and her fingers start moving like crazy. 

Ok, this is when I start to lose my sweet, patient self! Enough is Enough! So I start gently..

First the Invitation...
This at least gets mom's attention. Sometimes it is the only step I need. But when it is not...

Next comes the Demand...
This upsets my sister kitty, Cinderella. She does not like it when I yell and get excited. She is always trying to tell me to calm down and be quiet.
But a boy has gotta do what a boy has gotta do.

Finally, she gets it, goes and gets dressed (while I anxiously pace)... and the job is complete!

After we get home, I am just getting started. So mom and dad have both learned I need a little bit of extra time at that point...
Morning zoomies are required to get that last bit of exercise. This step takes less than 5 minutes. 

Then the final step of the process (turn up speakers loud for this one)...
This is an important step, as Mom say's I have to rest for awhile before I can have breakfast. 

Happy Content Doggie!


  1. Hahaha - good job getting your mom up and at em on the weekends! You are certainly one handsome Dane!

    I guess Blueberry should be grateful - during the week, it's strictly sunset strolls and hikes but on the weekend, that's when we get up early and go for hikes (weather permitting). I figure I can take a nap later on if necessary. I think dog's emit some sort of sleep-inducing pheromone because when I am at home on the weekends, I always seem to need a nap at the same time as Blueberry! :)

  2. I am sure Tori was an energetic pup but now that shes an old lady she only needs a 10 second romp to get tired ha~

    Stop on by for a visit

  3. My momma also waits FOEVER to walkie on weekends. But it is worth it because we usually take a super long adventure walkie.