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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Won't You Be My Friend?

BARK! Hi Everyone... Mom has been busy helping take care of another furry while her parents are out of town, so I haven't been able to get on here to keep you updated. But rest easy, I have not been neglected. Her and dad are still getting me plenty of exercise and attention.

I am making new friends everywhere I go. This week was full of new meetings. First we went to the dog park. Mom is still always on the alert, as she has seen and heard stories of other doggies not being very nice. So far, I have shown her that I back off and leave the scene when a scuffle starts, but she still wants to keep me safe, so she doesn't go sit down with the other parents. Her and dad stay near me, to help navigate in case I don't "hear" another dog telling me to back off (which happened once). During my last visit and this one, I made friends with some bulldogs. This time, we were playing just fine, but then another dog came right in and scooped him away and wouldn't let me play with him anymore. No worries, I just went back to sniffing around the park.

For the past couple months there have been some funny looking BIG birds visiting the neighbors. I saw them during our walk one morning. They got scared of me, and flew up on a roof. I wasn't sure what they were. This week we saw them again a little closer. They didn't seem to be afraid of me this time. I laid down very calmly and watched them as they came closer. But when I stood up again, they went the other way. Not sure what to think about those birds. Mom says they get real pretty sometimes, when they show off their feathers.

The other night, I got to meet a good friend of mom and dads and her furry, Fergie. Fergie was not too keen on me coming into her territory, so we went for a long walk together. In no time, she was walking right next to me and giving me little nose kisses. I just kept moving forward and she stayed right beside me the whole time. Then we went into her yard to visit. I tried to get her to run and play with me, but her mom said she doesn't know how to play with other furries. She just kept chasing a dumb ball. I would run up to her, and she would turn away. Then I would run, but she wouldn't follow. Mom said I need to give her some time to learn to play. 

So far, no one can play and keep up with me like my girlfriend, Scout. She runs and runs with me forever.



  1. Glad to hear your mom and dad pay attention in the dog park. Too many parents don't, that's why I don't go.

    Bet those birds make some funny noises! They are pretty.

    You will definitely be able to teach Fergie how to play. You're a good teacher!

  2. Wow, Monte - what a busy time you've been having!! :-) Loved your video...although we're also leery of dog parks now. well, we don't mind if people & dogs keep moving but it's when people stand around and a lot of strange dogs gather together that incidents happen (well, unless they're all still very young). That was a great idea of your human to take you for a pack walk together with Fergie first! I sometimes take a couple of playdates to warm up to a new doggie friend so you nevert know - Fergie may soon be playing with you! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane