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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Creating Smiles

Today I got to volunteer with Mom and Dad at an event to help little hoomans get back packs for school, while experiencing the love of Jesus.
I joined the team meeting and prayer and even got to be in the front row of the group picture when it was taken.  

Since I wasn't an official volunteer, I created my own title of Smile Creator. First I greeting the volunteers with mommy and made sure everyone had a smile with their name tag. Then I walked around with daddy and checked all the guests to make sure they had a smile.

 I even spread joy to the little furrys that joined the fun. 

I think I did the most work all morning. 

 Lots of little hoomans came to say hi, share their smile and
take pictures with me. 

I've decided I want to be a Firedog when I grow up...BARK!

Now I need some rest. It is hard work being so friendly.

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