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Friday, August 30, 2013

Kitty Biz...

Sooo, Mom was pushing the loud thing around the living room and she got the brave idea of trying to fix dad's chair. She said she was sick and tired of it wobbling. She went and gathered dad's tools and got to work.

She pulled out a lot of little metal things that she said were very sharp and I had to stay away from. To make sure they did not move around or get lost and hurt a foot, she contained them inside the handle of this tool.

Then she had to leave to get another tool. When she came back, the silver things were all over. And GUESS WHO the culprit was? For once, it was NOT me! Cinder thought they were treats and was pulling them out and trying to bat around the rug. Mom shushed her away and told her to play with her own toys. But she came back and thought it was play time. Mom now had to fix the chair, while keeping a close eye on the Cinder. 

Mom tried to swat Cinder away with another tool, but she thought it was another toy and just started batting at it. Silly kitty!

So mom gave her the new toy and got back to work. Cinder continued to play while mom was trying to do serious business.

What was I doing the whole time?
Supervising of course!
Oh and mom proudly announced the chair is not as wobbly.


Note from Mom: I'll do anything to stall from cleaning floors :-)

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