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Friday, March 7, 2014

Doggy Wheels

Mom just ran across a picture of this doggy contraption on Facebook. She said that would have helped so much with my late siblings, when their back legs started to go out. She still is wavering on how much and how long to go, to keep them around. But it at least warmed her heart to see there are options, if the funds a health are available. 

This contraption is called "Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair". This is the description:

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair enables your dog or other pet to run and play again; get the exercise he or she needs, and live a happy, healthy life. Walkin' Wheels is a veterinarian approved canine cart designed to help pets with hip and leg problems including degenerative myelopathy (DM), hip dysplasia, arthritis, paralysis, slipped disc, soreness, spinal and neurological problems, surgical recovery, and more. Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair features push button adjustability in height, length and width for a perfect fit. Durable, lightweight aluminum frame. Flexible and fully adjustable front and rear harnesses maximize comfort and mobility. Optimal design for bathroom breaks. Size XLarge for dogs weighing more than 25 pounds with a fold of the flank to the ground measurement between 22 and 25 inches. Color blue. Folds flat for transport and storage. Same day shipping. Overnight delivery available. No complex measurements required. No waiting for your dog wheelchair to be built. Take one simple measurement of dog's height from fold of the flank to the floor to determine size. The Fold of the Flank (FOF) is a thin piece of skin that connects the dog's upper rear leg to its body. Look at the webbing between your thumb and index finger. This skin is very similar to the fold of the flank (FOF). Measure from this FOF point to the floor to determine height, and select corresponding size of Walkin' Wheels.

  • Veterinarian approved for elderly, injured or paralyzed pets that cannot walk on rear legs
  • No complex measurements required; push button adjustability in height, length and width
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum frame and adjustable harnesses provide optimal comfort and mobility
  • Folds flat for convenient transport and storage, Color blue, Size XLarge

The reviews are iffy. But sure seems like an idea in the right direction. Maybe in a perfect world.


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  1. Howdy Monte, wowza that is one big walkin' wagon for a dane. Mum says it might have come in handy for me, Rory, when I had my embolism. Luckily I'm up and walking again now. Hope you are all well mates. No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella