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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Work & Play Time

Mom has many different jobs. Besides helping older hoomans, she also helps all hoomans move boxes around. I got to go with her to my friend Tiger, the Boxer, house. She helped Tiger's mom move boxes from one stack to another, then move them again. While she did that, Tigers mom got excited about what she found in the boxes. Mom said she has forgotten what was in them, which slowed down the box moving project. 

While they moved boxes, Tiger and me got to play in the yard. We ran and ran. But sometimes I would get worried cause I couldn't see mom, so I would go check to make sure she was ok, and didn't get lost under all the boxes. 
"Mom, are you ok?"
I like to run, but Tiger only runs if a toy a thrown away from him. So when he runs, I run after him. I still don't know what to do with the toy, but it sure is fun to chase him, when he is chasing his toy. Our moms said we played very well today. Tiger is an older pup at 9 years, but he played with me all day. He is going to come stay with us next week at our house when his mom goes on a little trip.

Mom has almost as much energy as me when it comes to moving boxes. She said it is as fun for her as being chased by other doggies is for me. The moms loaded Tiger's mobile three times and took it away with stuff. 
"Mom, be careful you don't get lost in all those boxes!"

 While our moms were working, another friend showed up with a little black dog. She was very pretty and excited. We got to play with her for a little while, then they left. I wanted to go run with her, but mom said I had to stay behind. 
"Oh, Where are you little black girl? I miss you already!"

The Count!

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