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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mr Chewy is Yummy!

Shortly after I arrived at my forever home, the man that comes to our porch everyday left something in the box for ME! Yes siree, I knew right away it was a box for THE COUNT from someone called Mr Chewy.
 I have never received my own box, so I wasn't sure what to do. Since it was in dad's hands, I was trying to be obedient and not take it from him, so he had to open it for me. 
 I cant read, but it looked like something that was going to be a treat for me, as both mom and dad got excited.
 Mom let me try a few at first, then put away. Right after that, Gramma sent me a bunch of treats as a Welcome to My New home. So mom was giving me those. But since I have been starting to show some of my naughty side, Mom says it is time to pull out the Big Guns to start reminding me of rules and boundaries. 

After sneaking a french fry off her plate once, and then later taking a piece of bread, she says our first rule is "Leave It!" She looked up how to teach a deaf doggie and has been practicing with me. I really like these treats cause they smell so good. Mom says she likes them, because they are all natural and grain-free, which mom hopes will help with my skin itchies (more about that on another post).

 See how fast I am learning? Mom got this idea from Tucker. I was very interested in this treat on my paw, but mom gave the sign to leave it, so I waited patiently. I haven't learned the "OK" sign yet, so mom has to take it off my paw and hand to me. 
 I can even leave the whole bag alone with all that goodness so close to my nose. 

Mom tried it from different spots and I was still just as patient waiting for it. 
By the way, did you note those sweet eyes I gave her? She usually melts with those, but didn't work as quickly this time. She keeps doing something funny with her paws, then gives it to me. I wonder if that means something?

Then mom got a little crazy. She confused me and I did not know what she wanted. Kept putting it near my nose, and it smelled so good, I wanted it, but she kept pulling away. Then she put it on top of my head. What the heck?

Orijen Alberta Wild Boar Singles Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

Three things every pup knows: wild boar is delicious, wild boar is nutritious, and it's best not to chase one down on your own. Orijen Alberta Wild Boar Singles Freeze-Dried Dog Treats takes the danger out of delicious dining with single-serving snacks that are perfect for pups on the go. Each treat is made with 100% pure wild boar and only contains seven calories. The freeze-drying process locks in flavor and nutrition without using any preservatives.
Key Benefits
  • Grain-free treats
  • Single ingredient snacks are great for dogs with tummy trouble
  • Full of protein
  • Resealable bag keeps treats fresh


Note from Mom: We have ordered and tried Mr Chewy often and love how quick their shipping is and the goodness of their foods. The customer service and communication is above a normal online site, and quite impressive. After being offered the treats to review on our post, I was excited to discover it was grain-free as we did not realize at the time, that Monte has sensitive skin and the vet recommends gluten-free foods for him. As we finish up the original snacks we received, he will be switching to treats like this one. 


  1. We LOVE Mr. Chewy. I can't believe how fast those noms come in the mail.
    Now then, I had totally missed the fact that your hearing isn't there. So you are learning sign language? That must be tough, but I know your mom is a very patient lady.

    Great job with the cow eyes. I would have given you a cookie.


  2. Beautiful dog! Can you email me when you get a chance? I'd like to ask you a couple questions.